the most effective remedy for stretch marks.

the most effective remedy for stretch marks.

When my eldest son was 8 months old, we went to rest in Turkey. I really wanted to relax without cooking and cleaning, and, of course, to flaunt in front of my husband in a swimsuit 🙂 In my first pregnancy I was lucky, not a single stretch happened. And there, on vacation in Turkey, I saw a very beautiful girl with an excellent figure, but her WHOLE belly was in wide huge stretch marks. This picture stuck in my memory, and when my second long-awaited pregnancy came, I decided that I would be very disciplined to apply creams for stretch marks.

It is better to warn, as they say, than to fight later. After all, stretch marks are like a lottery, it depends on so many factors: dry skin, hormones, genetic predisposition, the number of pounds gained, some attribute age, etc., etc.

On this topic, I talked with several obstetricians-gynecologists, cosmetologists and dermatologists, asking one question: is it possible, using an anti-stretch mark cream, to be completely sure that a miracle will happen and stretch marks will not appear? And all, as one, answered that it was “how lucky.” There is such a combination of all factors that nothing can be done. Quite frequent are the cases when mom went through the entire pregnancy without stretch marks, and a couple of days after giving birth, they “suddenly crawled out.” And the reason is the hormonal jump. It seems that the stomach is no longer stretched, and it is even more insulting from this. BUT, all of them, and thousands of other women to whom I am telling this, hastened to console me: using the cream during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of stretch marks or minimizes the consequences.

How do stretch marks creams work? Firstly, they perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, this already affects the increase in its elasticity (extensibility); secondly, they contain components rich in vitamin E, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis; thirdly, they give a feeling of comfort and confidence to a pregnant woman that everything will be fine, and this is worth a lot! For example, in both pregnancies I “sat” on Mommy Care cream for stretch marks, so it just works due to avocadin – an extract from avocado, extremely rich in vitamin E, and shea butter and other nourishing ingredients just nourish and moisturize the skin.

If stretch marks do appear, then no creams will return the skin to its original appearance. BUT creams can significantly reduce stretch marks and make them less visible. I can’t check this on myself, but there are girls who were able to achieve this 🙂

So, I started to apply cream for stretch marks from about 10 weeks of pregnancy. I did it once a day (morning or evening). From the 20th week, it was smeared in the morning and in the evening after the pool in the afternoon.

What was the most important thing for me in choosing a cream for stretch marks?

1. Naturalness. The whole family uses only natural and organic products in everything. I do not accept any chemistry.

This is a guarantee of safety for the mother and the unborn baby.

2. Efficiency, proven by the experience of friends / acquaintances / personally / by many mothers in the public domain. In my case, my friends initially gave me the cream during my first pregnancy and tried it on themselves. During the second pregnancy, I no longer began to cheat on him.

3. Convenience to use. It is important that it is quickly absorbed and does not leave any marks on clothes, and also be economical enough. I am an active mother, I just do not have time to wait long for the cream to be absorbed, which is why I did not make friends with the oil for stretch marks …

4. No irritating scent! During this pregnancy, I had toxicosis until almost 15 weeks … I felt sick all the time, even in my sleep.

Therefore, I will once again emphasize the importance of this point when choosing a cream.

By the way, I had some cream left after the baby was born, but I continued to use it right in the hospital. The most important place to smear it after childbirth is the breast. In the arrival of milk, it can increase very noticeably, the feeling is that everything is about to burst …

Another argument in favor of natural and organic creams, because when feeding, everything that is applied to the breast can easily get into milk.